I have experienced the Tyler rationale in my own schooling through my math class. Before every lesson the teacher would write out our learning outcome for that day and that is what we were expected to know by the end of class. Some limitations of this would be the idea that not everyone is going to grasp the concept of what we are learning even though the expectations are written out. The outcome does not give us freedom to learn the concept how WE will learn. The written out concept also allows us no choice in what we are learning. The outcome puts the teacher in a place where he/she feels pressured because the learning is no longer student based or driven. A learning outcome for students also refers to the behaviour being measured. Some benefits are for students who do need guidance and a solid understanding of what they need to be doing. A lot of the time students are completing outcomes without knowing it. Having the outcome clearly displayed could help a student understand what they have accomplished.54238653 link here


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