You Just Learned Something

Curriculum has shaped the teacher I am today by giving me some guidance entering my teaching career. It has laid out my expectations and shown me some predictions as to what I will be doing. Hidden curriculum will shape me as a teacher because it is just as important as applied curriculum. Issues such as dealing with kids coming hungry to class are going to be scenarios I’m put in and I’ll have to know how to confront hidden curriculum. Teaching kids to be polite and genuine people don’t come with outcomes and indicators. It is up to me to guide and be there as an example for students. I think it’s important to be honest with my own flaws I bring to the table. Once you know your weaknesses you can address how to handle them. I’m not always the most patient person but I know that, and I know when I’m being tested. I know when to step back and look at the situation. I need to be aware of my own biases and opinions in order to create an equal curriculum.


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