These processes of decolonization could help to change our ways of thinking because it bring in other opinions from people who are more well informed about Indigenous issues. It goes right to the core of the emotions by bringing in elders and incorporating that second opinion. Reinhabition may occur through changing the classroom environment and taking students to a pow wow or other indigenous activities. You should adapt these ideas considering how much the students already know about. For me personally, I could probably attend a grade six level of information on First Nations because I feel like my schooling never addressed First Nations issues in the classroom. If you had students who knew a lot about First Nations and Indigenous issues, they could perhaps feel more comfortable taking part in a ceremony or asking harder questions to elders.


One thought on “Decolonization

  1. I really liked your post. It made me think of our guest lecture with Claire Kreuger when she said that we are learners alongside our students. I think that it is a really important because we can have meaningful learning with our students and develop more connections.


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