Thoughts and Feelings

This week I’ve kind of realized how uneducated I am about First Nations in Canada. My schooling never really touched on many issues or even facts about First Nations history. My schooling focused more on the European aspect of our history. Not knowing very much about First Nations makes me a little nervous to teach about First Nations. I guess I don’t want to offend anyone because I am so uneducated in the area. I would like it a little more if this class was linked to a class that was mandatory for education students. The class would teach us how to teach treaty education and helpful tips. It is stressed so much about how we have these biases and how we have to teach about diversity and treaty education. But how do we that successfully? I feel a little thrown into all of my racism, biases and lack of education in First Nations information..but I don’t know how to work around it and incorporate more non-bias ways into my lesson plans and teaching. If there was a class that was linked to this class or even became half of this class, I think that would be something really important. Instead of just informing us, the class would really show us ways to teach and techniques about being inclusive.


One thought on “Thoughts and Feelings

  1. Mackenzie, I totally agree with you! I feel like learning what we have learned is extremely crucial, but having a Treaty Education course for us to take that would specifically focus on how to implement it into our lessons across subjects would be so beneficial. I can relate completely to your worries and struggles. I think the final project we’ve been working on has really helped, but still a class would probably make a lot of us feel more confident and prepared. Great post.


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