Educational Technology

As the blog states, my name is Mackenzie Partridge. I’m just a regular girl from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I grew up with an older sister and two loving parents. I have a dog named Keely (pictured below), she is a West Highland Terrier crossed with a poodle. She’s like me and enjoys lounging on the couch watching movies. My mom (pictured below) works at a dental office as an assistant and my dad works at the air base just outside of Moose Jaw. I am fortunate enough to have a niece and a nephew who are so very sweet (pictured below). Hanging out with them makes me realize I really am in the right career path because kids are my passion. I enjoy fashion, makeup, and spending time with friends and family. I actually used to have a fashion blog with my friend Halle (pictured below), where we would talk about fashion, make up and our favourite products. I guess for that reason, I really enjoy blogging and photography. I added some of the pictures I have taken below just so you can get a glimpse into my life. I am active on Twitter so you can follow me @teachingmac. I’ll leave you with a random fact about me: I really enjoy grocery shopping. I know it is super odd but I find it really calming. So that is a little information about me and where I come from!

img_9685 dsc_0008img_7259
dsc_0283 img_1596 img_9675 dsc_0269  dsc_0279img_3896

I’m looking forward to this technology course so that I can learn new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. Technology is always changing so it is good to keep up to date. As a teacher, I think technology is a good way to relate with your students. It makes it easier to connect with them outside of school with things like Twitter and even in the classroom with things like the SmartBoard.


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