The Art of Latte Art

This class asks students to pick a task we have never tried and document ourselves learning how to do it. I chose how to make latte art! Thankfully my boyfriend is that coffee obsessed person who spent the money on one of those fancy espresso machines. To start this task I watched a couple of Youtube videos and found I will need shallow but wide cups, whole milk and good espresso. This is one of the videos I watched. I wanted to pick a task that wouldn’t cost me any money and is something I would enjoy trying. According to most of the videos the heart design is going to be the easiest and I’d like to be able to master the leaf design. I have not begun learning how to try but I will in this next upcoming week. I will be tweeting about my trials and tribulations on twitter so feel free to follow me @teachingmac there. This week we learned about Twitter and I found it really interesting how much a teaching community is available on Twitter for teachers. I will definitely be tuning into the #saskedchat to see what information teachers are talking about that week.



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