New Phone Who Dis?

Alec brought up some really unique ideas about the internet. I had never really thought about how memes are so international. It is something one person starts and it travels the globe. For example, think about how many Donald Trump memes you have seen. More than likely someone in the US started those and little old me from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan saw the meme. The internet is a way to connect globally and you can even start trends. There has been trends such as Young Me vs. Old Me photos where families recreate pictures they took when they were babies. The internet is also a great way to share and have an outreach program. Many people post happy things like marriage proposals on social media and they also post sad things like passing of loved ones or breakups. It is a way to have a support program in a sense. The internet has so many positive things about it but it brings up the question can you share too much?


Being in a professional career, I try to be really conscious of my social media. My Facebook is very private so only my friends can see what I’ve posted. My Instagram is not private but I’m very filtered about what I post and it is usually about makeup or fashion. I created a separate Twitter account to differentiate between my personal tweets and professional thoughts. Your social media is such a big part of your life in 2016. You have to be very conscious about you’re saying because news spreads quickly now. Having the internet at our fingertips is such a blessing and curse at the same time. The other day I forgot when women were able to vote in Saskatchewan and within 3 seconds of a Google search, I knew women could vote in 1916. That’s the blessing of technology but the curse is how many young people are using social media and how quickly it can create havoc. My niece and nephew are under the age of three and both can run an iPad. When I was three, I was whipping up fake pancakes at my play kitchen. Them playing with technology at such a young age feels wrong to me. Alec showed us an example of a woman who inappropriately tweeted about AIDS in Africa and how everyone on social media completely trolled and ripped this woman’s life apart. I’m sure she was fired from her job and lost many connections from one small lack of judgement. I’m not justifying what she did, it is just an example of how quickly the internet can be a negative place for so many reasons. The internet has so many bonuses but really needs to be filtered and used appropriately and in moderation.

For those who don’t know what the title of this post refers to. Here is a small explanation and origin.



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