The Learning Project

So early I told you guys I was going to be learning latte art. I was so excited I went to the store bought coffee cream, fresh Starbucks ground coffee and was ready to go! I watched about four Youtube videos on how to do this. I had high hopes, I’ll tell you that much. So there I am pouring the milk in just how they told me and……I failed miserably. The foam on top just looked like regular foam with no design. It was very hard and I have decided to change my learning project. I have now decided I want to learn how to tie a tie. I’ve always seen on Pinterest all these cool crazy knots and I think it would be neat to know how to do a few. Growing up my mom always helped my dad tie his own and I’ve always thought it was a sweet gesture. I think it would be a neat skill to have. I will try to learn at least three different knots. I found this really cool website all about different knots and a little information about them. I think it will be really useful.

tiewidth_v7image from black


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