Who Are You On the Internet?

This weeks and next weeks topic involves digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is described as basically your identity on the internet. We talked about your digital footprint in the world how it can impact you. Something small that you did when you were younger online can follow you around for the rest of your life. The internet can be a really positive thing allowing growth but it can also be super negative in how unforgiving it is. We were also shown an example of how easy it can be to be talking to a predator on the internet. Younger people getting involved in chatrooms and snapchat and abusing it can get them into some sticky situations. There was the situation with Amanda Todd where she was so abused on the internet she actually took her own life. That situation is obviously the worst possible outcome but shows you the possible negative outcomes. Having a positive image on the internet is something that can never impact you negatively. If you monitor your posts and filter your political/global opinions, you should avoid a majority of problems on the internet. I don’t think your students are ever too young to start learning about their own digital footprint. You should talk about things like the importance of being tagged in photos, what they upload and how they are presenting themselves. My golden rule is if I wouldn’t want my mom or dad to see it, is it something I should upload. If you stick with that rule I think your internet profile will always be an appropriate one.


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