Think Your Identity is Hidden on the Internet?

Adam Opdahl and I decided to search each other to find out as much information as we could about one another. I found Adams twitter profile, his blog, from his blog I found out a variety of information about him like he knows how to wakeboard, snowboard and that he doesn’t like twitter in the classroom. I found out he enjoys camping and I even discovered he has Pinterest. He might hate me for giving away that information but it looks like he only uses it for teaching projects. I found him on Instagram, although it was a private account and I can’t see anything. I also found his Youtube channel which showed he enjoys hockey and another school project. His Facebook page or personal twitter account didn’t show up on my Google search but I think the information I found from a small search of his name could tell me enough about him. Adam’s life seems very private which I think is always a good idea as a teacher. This experience shows me the internet really is quite a creepy place. There is a lot you can find out about someone in a matter of seconds. This experience makes me want to be more conscious of my representation on social media. People need to be aware of how much content they are sharing because the internet is a public place.

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