Are You Helping?

I think assistive technologies like voice to text software will be great for inclusive classrooms. I think the use of technology in inclusive classrooms is a really unique way to have an impact positively in the classroom. I worked with a boy who has cerebral palsy. He can talk quite well with his extensive therapy and he works very hard. He uses an iPad to text his mom using his nose or tongue. It is a really cool thing to witness because he is able to do school work but just in a different way than his peers. I think technology like voice to text and iPads in inclusive classrooms are the future. I think different adaptions are going to be need for different people. Some people may need voice to text software and others may need audio text instead of visual. Every child will need a different adaption. If the school can afford it, I think bringing in this type of adaptions will be very beneficial.  I found this video that can help you understand what AT is a little better, and some options you may have in getting access. I also found this website that has lots of ideas for ways to adapt your teaching for students. It seems to be a great resource that discusses adaptions for reading, writing and math.



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