Futurama Classrooms

I think classrooms are eventually going to look like conference rooms. I think the idea of the teachers desk will be phased out because inclusive classrooms are on the rise. I grew up with the classic classroom set up of a teachers desk with rows of desks. I think tables will be the only way classrooms will be to introduce collaborative learning. I think the teacher will no longer be the resource of information but will be the facilitator for students to inquire about their own knowledge. Standing desks are now a new addition to classrooms. This allows students to stand and get rid of energy while they focus on their work. I just attended a classroom and the students had swivel chairs which I thought was a unique addition because it allows them to stay seated but they can still move around. Attention spans are becoming less and less so it is a smart idea to put bands around chair or have fidget tools for students. I think classrooms will start to be way more open concept and things will be more child centred. Children will feel more equal to the teacher. Was recently at Dr. Perry school here in Regina and they had a really unique inquiry room and it was all in the theme of the United Nations. To me it was the future of classrooms.




One thought on “Futurama Classrooms

  1. Really cool classroom to have and somewhere that seems to have an equal and caring environmental feel to it. I know that in high school I had classrooms with tables which added another component to our learning as we could discuss things within a full group, without the pressure and time of creating groups.


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