Media in Schools

When I think of media in schools I think about these five ideas:

  • school wide twitter/facebook page
  • school websites
  • teacher blogs
  • society based around technology
  • parents don’t have time for parent teacher interviews

Many schools are now active on Twitter and Facebook. I never realized how many teachers were on Twitter and offering support until Alec introduced us to many of his colleagues across many school districts. I think it is something really positive to have as a network for schools. As long as it is being used properly as in political answering and commenting is monitored to be professional, I think it is a resource that can be very positive.

School websites are a great way to inform parents and teachers of on going events. School websites can also act as a resource for other teachers. They may have links to curriculum information and current events happening. Dr. A.E Perry School here in Regina, has options to view textbooks, portals for parents, library sources and power teacher. Their website has current events like their after school programs, attendance reminders and a link to their twitter account.  I think this is a great option for schools to have and many schools do have a website. It is a good way to keep all the information they need in one place and available to all to see.

Teachers blogs are also another interesting idea for social media in schools. Who better to help teachers than teachers? I have mentioned before that I am quite into fashion and follow many fashion bloggers. I pull a lot of inspiration from them for my next outfit and for what is coming up in trends. I began following this local blogger called Teach Me Style. She is also a grade one teacher here in Regina and added a section to her blog called Teacher Talk Tuesday. She gives some helpful hints and talks about some pointers for teachers. She also talks about great clothes for female teachers that fit the dress code in many schools. This is something small but really helpful for us ladies on a job hunt! Teachers blogs are a great resource for hints and opinions on other ideas. Many teacher bloggers post their lesson ideas as well. This is a great resource because teachers are always looking for fun new ways to engage students.

The last two bullets can both fit into this subject area. Parents, families, teachers and people in general are always on the go. We live in a world full of fast times, faces in screens and post-it notes everywhere if you’re like me and need to buy an agenda. Parents will always try their best to make it to parent/teacher interviews but sometimes this is hard with the fast paced world we live in. It is nice to be able to shoot an email and check some progress on your child. Having technology open to parents and teachers allows for quick follow ups and access to their child’s grades. This could possibly mean the idea of parent teacher interviews could fade away. There are so many systems for parents to be checking their child’s progress during the school year. If teachers were able to keep up with their marking and posting in these forums, it could be a gradual check-in of their child and not one large parent and teacher interview. There are many sites available for this, but one is called Seesaw. It is a digital portfolio that parents, teachers and student can all post on. It can be used for homework reminders, homework can be done and corrected on it. It acts as a stepping stone to an actual blog that anyone can have access to. Just parents can have access to their child and only the teacher can see every students work. The teacher also has to approve the posts before they enter the forum. This prevents bullying and other unnecessary posts.

Technology is always changing so it only makes sense that the amount of media in our classrooms will always be changing.






4 thoughts on “Media in Schools

  1. Hey Mackenzie, I loved your final thoughts about parents not having time for interviews anymore. The idea with Seesaw and it being open to parents’ viewing is a huge part of how tech could be changing the way we interact with all stakeholders in education. Great post!


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