Mr. Clean

Before creating my own soaps I didn’t realize all the different ways soap is made! I found this really helpful website that explained some things for me. There is the way I’ve been making soap, buying the base, melting it down and pouring into moulds. There is a cold process which involves using the chemical lye and creating the soap from scratch. This has a few safety precautions and must be followed very carefully. There is a hot method which is similar to cold but involves heating the ingredients. The last method kind of made me think of alcohol. It is triple processed soap, the soap is formed, shredded down and then reheated in a pot. This makes the soap more smooth and I guess I thought of alcohol because some are triple distilled which improves their quality.

I found a link that describes what I have been doing to make soaps! I have been following these same steps. In some of my upcoming posts I think I want to add some raw ingredients into the mixture to make it have a more organic look. I’ll post a picture below to give you an idea of what I mean. I was also thinking of finding a few new ways to package the soap so people can smell them before they commit to one if I were to start selling them. I will also post a picture below of what I was thinking of trying next for packaging!

Thanks for stopping by!

Raw look:


Packaging idea:  soaps-artisan-1024x683



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