Peppermint Earl Grey Soaps

img_4989img_4990img_5172img_5173img_4984      I felt like I got pretty creative on this set of soap. One of my favourite teas to have after a long day is Earl Grey. It smells a little like vanilla but is quite a mild smell. I remember walking around many different craft sales and smelling different candles and soaps that had earl grey in them, and I thought I should re-create that but add peppermint. I wish I could add a sample of scent into this blog post but our technology hasn’t become that advanced. These soaps smell mild but refreshing because of the peppermint. They will be nice for the cold winter months. Here is where I got the recipe! I have been using goats milk soap!

I just snipped the tea bag and dumped in the contents and added a few drops of peppermint essential oil. You have to work quite quickly because the soap starts to set once it is cooled. Once they finished setting in the fridge I wrapped them in cling wrap so they wouldn’t leave any greasy residue on the tissue paper wrapping. I found these cute tags at Michael’s and think they add a Christmas-y touch! I found some instructions on how to make your own if you didn’t want to buy any! Last but not least, my roommate helped out by snapping this picture and said, “Smile like Martha Stewart.” It is a little tedious making these soaps but I’m excited for some new scents to come!


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