Coding 4 Kids

We were given the opportunity to learn how to code with a program called Scratch. This program gives you a sprite and you make it function basically. You pick an event in which the event stimulate a motion, sound, or look. I will link below the sprite I created it is very short because I found it quite complicated.  I am not a computer person whatsoever so the whole concept of coding is very abstract to me. I decided I should define what coding is so I have some idea of what it involves. I found this website that helped me describe what coding involves.  It says that a code is a set of instructions that a computer can understand. Some people write codes from scratch and some use pre-written codes to make our everyday objects function. The website says that almost anything that uses electricity has a code. That is pretty crazy to think about. There are “low-level” and “high-level” coding languages also. Lower-level languages more closely resemble binary code while higher-level languages are easier to code in. So basically coding allows people to use technology and enjoy all of its purposes. Here is the sprite I coded very poorly but at least I tried! Overall, coding is a necessary evil in today’s society and I think I will leave it the professionals to figure out.




One thought on “Coding 4 Kids

  1. Mackenzie, I feel your frustration with coding and Scratch. At first I attempted to make a project from my own ideas, with poor results, but then I found the “how to” section of Scratch. It gives a few examples of projects and then an easy step by step guide of how to write the code for it. Here is the link to my project, I decided to make a virtual pet pig, and I feel like I had better results with this. If you ever want to give it another shot, try the “how to”section, it will save you some time and might become more clear, at least it did for me!


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