Fight the Fidget

Children’s mind are an interesting topic. As teachers we try to figure out how they work so we can be the best teachers we can be. They are also a wildly active place to be and sometimes it is best we have grown to collect our own thoughts. I love kids don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they have some funny ideas. Their brains are so hyperactive it can be hard to keep to keep them on one task. That’s where technology in the classroom can be a gift. Brain breaks in the classroom allow kids to stop and re-focus. A website called GoNoodle allows teachers the opportunity to have guided brain breaks. The site also gives classrooms points for completing breaks which is a cool external motivator for kids.

Brain breaks are a great way to make sure your students are working hard but also a small reward for their patience. It’s something students can look forward to and have fun with. Without technology in the classroom it would be hard to have such a fun brain break. You can pull these up on the smart board and get students to spread out. You could also incorporate this site into your lesson plans allowing kids

Here is an example of what a brain break can look like with using technology. It can also be as small as asking kids to stand up and stretch out for a few minutes. In one of my practicums the kids had to stay for lunch and over the lunch break the teachers would put on videos like Dance Dance Revolution where the kids have to dance to the steps on the screen. Just Google searching brain breaks for kids there are endless resources for teachers. I think it is important to keep these active minds occupied and even I need a break sometimes. This website alone has about 15 creative ideas to keep kids occupied!




2 thoughts on “Fight the Fidget

  1. Brain breaks are great for students! Sitting in a desk all day makes me restless let alone a child. Even adults who were in office jobs have the opportunity to get up and stretch. Google is a great resource for finding brain break ideas to do with students! I also plan to check out GoNoodle!

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  2. both my students and I love GoNoodle! It’s a great tool to get the jitters out and also just a fun way to relax and watch the kids be silly with each other. We always end up laughing and commenting on someone’s stilly dance. It’s also possible to keep the same tune, and have the kids come up with lyrics to some concepts that you’re covering – really helps them internalize the content. Great post!

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