Lemon Tea Body Scrub

I really liked my earl grey soaps so I decided to try a body scrub! Watch me work away:

The winter months are here which means our summer tans have faded. I usually fake tan during the winter months to keep some colour but avoid the harmful rays of tanning beds. In order to fake tan you need to exfoliate to get all the dead skin off so the tanning colour applies evenly. My roommates also fake tan so everyone has been obsessing over the body scrubs! I have quite a stock pile now so it is a little hard to keep them all for myself. I might have to start selling some now! I am actually really surprised with how far the scrubs go. I just bought a small bag of sugar and have made about 10 scrubs and still have lots of sugar left. I really love the smell of Earl Grey but it also has many benefits. This website lists a few of them! Scrubbing your body promotes new cell growth, diminishes appearance of cellulite and makes you feel good about yourself. For me, it is like an at home spa treatment but one I can afford on a student budget! This website lists a few reasons a body scrub might not be right for you, so just make sure you are aware of your skin type! Fellow blogger and classmate Alenna Jamieson suggested I try citrus orange next! I loved this idea but I already did a lemon scrub so I think I’m going to transfer to trying a salt scrub! You can find her blog here as she tries to learn Hebrew!

Instead of using sugar in my next scrub I thought this one looked pretty interesting! I am a big supporter of Lush, I just never find the time to make their products. Enjoy!


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