Lush Cosmetics

lush_logo_enLush is a company that stands for a lot of great things. They are one of the companies that inspired me to start making my own scrubs and soaps. This company was one of the first to stop testing on animals and preaches natural products made by real people in local places. Lush is open about their history and how they got to the empire they are today. They have always been small business owners until their company took off. They make a variety of products from face masks, shampoo, perfume, lotions, and my personal favourite bath bombs. My favourite bath bomb that they make is the Intergalactic. It is a glittery dark blue and it smells great! I love their Honey I Washed the Kids soap because it is gentle and soft smelling. It isn’t over powering and is a great basic soap to have around. I have tried many of their faces masks and scrubs which I will start pulling inspiration from for the rest of the learning project. The coffee one which I have done, I want to try the salt lime one and I will try a minty one! I highly recommend Lush products because for all the natural ingredients you are getting the price isn’t anything too crazy.

Lush Coffee Mask


Lush Mint Mask

Lush Salt Scrub

The last scrub is made with vodka which is supposed to benefit problems like acne and redness. That is something I never knew but I guess they use alcohol to sterilize equipment in many facilities so it could only help your face and body acne if that is something you are suffering with! My next learning project post will be the salt scrub and some new fun soap wrapping!

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