Contributing to Others

Write a final blog post that answers the question: “How have you contributed to the learning of others?

I contributed to others learning in a very direct way because of a project in ECMP. I wrote a post about my experience teachingf with Seesaw and some of its uses to teachers in the classroom. You can find the previous post here about Seesaw. We presented to our class using Zoom which was another way I was able to contribute to others learning.  I had never used Zoom before so didn’t know what to expect for our first class. I didn’t realize you would be able to view the whole class I thought you would maybe just be able to see the teacher. So I decided to wear my most classic outfit for class which was pyjamas. Haha, so embarrassing but besides the point. While using Zoom I was able to participate in class discussion and interact with my classmates. Alec did all the teaching directly but we were able to teach one another while on Zoom through the chat or as Alec would say “grabbing the mic”. Outside of our Zoom we had resources like twitter, our Google Plus Community and our blogs of course. Below I will link some areas where I contributed to others learning.

My Twitter Account

Our Twitter Hashtag- ECMP 355

Our Google Plus Community

Our Blog Posts

  • I will start with Twitter in explaining how this allowed me to expand my learning and others learning. Before this class, I had a personal twitter account that mostly involves meme accounts and friends. What I didn’t know was that there was an entire Twitter world for teachers. There are so many helpful accounts that teachers can follow for fresh ideas in the classroom. There is also a hashtag you can follow where a variety of teachers across the world participate in and ask questions. We followed a small one called #saskedchat which just involves teachers of Saskatchewan. Following accounts and people like this allows us as teachers to grow and network with other individuals. Twitter is a really valuable source in my opinion for whenever we are in a pickle and maybe need some advice on how to keep growing. I interacted with quite a few people on Twitter and tried to inform others about a variety of topics I was exploring in my other classes such as First Nation and Indigenous communities right here in Canada who do not have access to clean drinking water.


  • Below is just a small example of how I interacted and helped  out on Twitter. I followed a variety of people and tried to respond to some tweets and sent links to my blog so people could learn some neat things about technology!





You will also see here how I contributed to Taylor’s learning project through a simple suggestion of what cupcakes she should make next. That was the beauty of Twitter, it allowed us to connect and help one another.

  • Blogging is the next topic that allowed me to contribute to others learning. Blogging acted as a forum to tell all of you my simple thoughts about teaching. Having a space where I could discuss my opinions on technology in the classroom I was able to see my other classmates thoughts and opinions on things too. I contributed to others learning by talking about a variety of different posts you can find here. I talked about a variety of things like fidget tools, media in society, media in classrooms, coding for kids, assistive technology, and most important your image on the internet. Being a teacher it is so important to have a professional image not only in the classroom but online as well. I think that is something I really stressed throughout my blogging and I hope others can take others from that. Creating a blog allowed others to comment on my ideas and a space for me to also comment on their ideas. Below are a variety of posts I commented on throughout ECMP 355. You can also scroll through my previous posts and see how I provoked others posts about my own ideas.

Blogs I commented on throughout the semester:

Paige Phillips

Jon Neibrandt

Cassidy Oesch

Alenna Jamieson

Taylor Garmacy

Adam Opdahl

Lacey Happ


The third way I was able to contribute to others learning is through our Google Plus Community. I didn’t post very often in the Google community but it was a good resource to be able to get help on our blogs and others ideas. The week I posted in the community I was very stressed out with school and found solstice in memes. I posted to remind my fellow classmates to take a minute and realize we are all in the same boat in regards to exams, presentations and deadlines approaching. The community allowed me to show others that we are all feeling the same things. You can find my post here: Google Plus Community

The last and final way I contributed to others learning was by just participating in this class. I found valuable websites and resources in how to contribute to others. I learned how to hyperlink and honestly I think my future students will appreciate that much because there is nothing worse than huge nasty links on assignments. I will be able to provide my future students will cool ways to use Youtube, I won’t be afraid to show my love for memes throughout lesson plans, and I don’t think I will be afraid to start using technology as more of a resource for students. Whether that may be trying a class using a program like Zoom or using resources like Seesaw. I hope I will be able to contribute to others learning as a teacher forever. It is so important to expand your resources and your network as you grow as not only a teacher but as a person. I hope that is some valuable information others will be able to take from me.

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