Overall Learning Project

Beginning my learning project started out very strong and with great intentions of latte art. Once I realized how hard latte art was without the proper equipment I decided to tackle the art of tying a tie. I did this a couple of times and Alec suggested I tried something with more depth to it. This lead me to the idea of body scrubs and soaps. I ended up having a lot of fun with this learning project and it worked out really well for christmas presents. In order to make the soap I was going to need a recipe and some supplies. So I marched on down to Michaels and spent about twenty dollars on a soap milk, I chose goats milk and a soap mould. If I would have known how expensive it would be, I would have ordered from Amazon as it is much cheaper. I will link some cheaper products of what I bought here and here.  It is also nice to add some essential oils to your soap like I did in a few of my posts so I will post some good basic ones here. These are nice to add some scent to your soaps and also have aromatherapies.


I started off with making a soap that needs to cure overnight. I found the recipe off of Pinterest and used it as my base point for the entire process.  My first post was a lemon soap and I laid out all of the ingredients.




I was really surprised at how simple it was to make the soaps, they did take awhile to cure which was the only down fall to them but the outcome was great. They came out of the moulds quite easily and were good quality.

My first body scrub I decided to video tape and upload to Youtube so you could see how easy it was! I must say the cover photo on the video isn’t my most glamourous moment but it is the thought that counts!

I made a coffee body scrub that I ended up giving to my roommate and she really enjoyed it. This is the post here where I talk about my experience making this scrub and a link the the recipe that I followed.

My next journey was adding different teas to soaps and this ended up being my favourite soap by far. I made a lemon early grey soap.





I ended up wrapping these one and using them as Christmas stocking stuffers for my family. If you don’t know what earl grey tea smells like, I highly suggest you add it to your life and tea collection. I think that I liked this soap so much because it seemed very natural and exfoliating with the tea in the soap.

In between my actually making of soaps and scrubs I thought it would be important to do some research of different kinds of soaps and why natural is better. I always wanted to look for some new type of wrapping that could draw people in.

In this post I talked about all the different kinds of soap you could find and some different ways to wrap your soap up for others.

My next video I wanted to show you guys how easy the soaps are and how simple it is to add whatever you’d like. I made an apple cinnamon one that my mom really loved. I made three of them and she plans to give them away as a secret santa gift for her work.

I added real cinnamon, vanilla and a apple tea bag to the goats milk base after heating it up in the microwave and it smelt like Christmas almost immediately. This is the recipe I followed as above.

My next post talked all about the different chemicals you can find in regular soaps you buy off the shelf. I was really shocked to find out how detrimental all these soaps can be to your body. I think many people are aware how bad parabens are for you and I’m sure many people aren’t aware they exist in your soap too.

ex) Propyl paraben, a preservative used in a wide range of products including shampoo, conditioner and lotion, mimics the hormone estrogen and can potentially disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive system disorders.

Just a reminder that this learning project goes further than a project. To me, it was about finding the time to do the small things I had been meaning to do and incorporate into my beauty routine. I am trying to slowly switch into using more natural products. My mom is really into using natural scents and products and I think it is something most people should be doing.

This was one of my last sets of soaps. On the left is what the soap base looks like along with the mould I was using to create the soaps. On the left is the melted down base and in this package I added cinnamon essential oil and real cinnamon much like my body scrub since it was such a hit.



Lemon Tea Body Scrub was a requested one from my twitter follow Aleena. She actually suggest citrus orange but I thought lemon was kind of the same. You can find her blog here!

I also added earl grey to this scrub for added exfoliation again. I made another youtube video for this one for you guys to see how I did it!

In my most recent post I talked about some Lush projects that I love that are related to beauty products. You can find the post here where I talked about Lush. I planned on making a vodka, lime, salt face scrub which is supposed to stop break outs from the vodka and actually really exfoliate your face. I actually ended up adding way too much vodka and it smelled horrible. I didn’t create an actual post about this because it really didn’t work out but that is what happens when you wing things and don’t follow a recipe. You can watch the FAIL video below:

I added way too much liquid but ended up giving it another shot another day and didn’t add near as much liquid. It turned out okay but I would add some more fine salt to make a finer consistency. You can see how much less liquid I added below and it turned out pretty good!


Overall, the learning project was fun for me and I was proud of how many things I made throughout the semester. I learned about soaps, chemicals involving soap, and ways to make some fun body scrubs. It really is as easy as it looks like you just need to add what ever scent you would like to choose. Doing this learning project was even put into my crazy time schedule was because of ECMP 355! I am really thankful for the opportunity to try some different things and I really enjoy the experience and getting creative. If anyone is interested in buying some scrubs or soaps for a special someone feel free to contact me because I now have a serious stock pile. Thank you for watching my videos each week and listening to me rant about chemicals. If there is anything I can take from this experience it is that it really is quite easy to make your own products and something people should do more of. You make make deodorant, lip chap and even your own shampoo/conditioner. Pinterest is a deep and dark place full of links to distract you from the real world. It was a cool assignment I have never been apart of and I really enjoy this rather than having to write a huge paper and I’m sure everyone else agrees.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “Overall Learning Project

  1. wow, what a great project. I really liked your dedication,your motivation and your creativity. Your giving me some great ideas on future projects and gives I could give to my family and friends.


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