Scrub and Soap!

My last learning project I decided to create a cinnamon soap with vanilla, and real cinnamon with my last set of goats milk. I melted down the product and added my essential oils and spice. I allowed it to cure overnight and it turned out quite well. I used this recipe here.


This is how they turned out!

In my previous post I talked about want to make the Lush Ocean Salt scrub but I ended up failing really badly at creating it. I created a video of my attempt that I will link below. I didn’t follow a recipe so I was essentially winging the entire process and it showed. But I figured it was an attempt that you should see so that you know all recipes aren’t as simple as they look.

I ended up just mixing the scrub up one night with a friend so I didn’t have an opportunity to film it but I did snap a picture of the process during.


I didn’t add as much liquid and added a little more sugar instead to create a finer consistency. It didn’t smell as bad and actually is a nice weekly treatment I try to do.


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