Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy of Education

I believe education should give students the opportunity to find themselves as an individual to realize their value. By understanding their worth as an individual they can grow as an intellectual learner. By achieving in their self-worth and learning in an environment that reaches all multiple intelligences, you create an overall great person who has excelled in more ways than one. Children are the centerpieces of what we are choosing as a career. Building relationships with them, being aware of what they need and knowing how to provide for them is a very large key in being a successful teacher. Making sure students are ready to learn and are enjoying their learning are a very big part in seeing successful students. Being a good teacher involves many avenues of engaging students and using the tools we have been given as educators to encourage students learning and growth. Attending two different practicum schools, volunteering with children, and being a guest in a variety of different schools, showed me that the act of learning is always approached differently. The unique thing is, that the outcome for each student will remain the same, success. Having a philosophy of teaching shows I am able to demonstrate my capability of analyzing variables that affect teaching and learning. I am able to reflect on my teaching practice and I think that is something every teacher should be able to do.